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Camp Amisk Site Condition as of Sept 24

By: Chris Cumming

ID: 34

Just an update on Camp Amisk site for Wilderness Challenge after all the rain/snow from the last weekend. The campsites are wet, and the ground not really muddy except where there was missing grass or high traffic areas in Squirrel. The trails were a bit muddy in some spots, the river is still pretty low considering the rain amounts. Now, the road on the other hand is in extremely poor condition at best. It was recently graded by the city with more soil than gravel it appears and it totally saturated by the rain, and think best described as slushy and extremely slippery. On my inspection yesterday, I used 4x4 to go through, and expect small cars low to the ground may have extra issues getting all the way down the road if it does not dry out some for the weekend. With that being said, we will be looking at possibly changing things up to decrease and slow the volume of traffic and may mean parking further down the road or moving the cub sites. Hopefully the predicted rain will miss us, and the sun con get though the improve the conditions. 


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